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Cambodia’s Online Gambling Operators Are to Become Outlawed

19 August 2019, 12:28
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The Cambodian Prime Minister’s Sunday directive defines that online gambling licenses are no longer to be issued in the country, and the existing ones are to be valid until expiry only.

Cambodia’s Online Gambling Operators Are to Become Outlawed

According to Samdech Techo Hun Sen’s directive that came into force yesterday, online gambling operators would not be allowed to obtain a license for legal operation in Cambodia and beyond. But the big news is that online casinos having valid licenses will not be able to renew them.

The Royal government specifies that licenses holders can legally operate in Cambodia until the expiration date, but their authorizations will not be prolonged after that. In addition, the country’s authorities were instructed by the Prime Minister to suppress illegal online casinos’ operation and intensify investigation against them.

These strict measures were taken to eliminate underground gambling business, as well as telecom scams operation, with the help of which criminals were extorting money from Cambodian citizens and people around the world. Mr. Sen expressed the hope that these criminal acts would be stopped due to his initiative. However, only proper police and governmental control will help the country to get rid of illegal gambling.

Cambodian online gambling operators do not support this initiative because from now on they should be looking for another market to operate legally.

As mentioned earlier, the Philippines new gambling policy helped to reduce illegal gambling in the country.

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