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Call of Duty League will Start on January 24

30 October 2019, 16:31
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Yesterday, it was announced that the next year's Call of Duty League season would start with a "Launch Weekend", which would run from January 24 to January 26 next year.

Call of Duty League will Start on January 24

The fans will get an opportunity to enjoy the performances of twelve professional teams. Besides, the event will also include the first Challengers Open where even amateur players get a chance to try their luck.

The CEO of the company which introduced the game said that they are thrilled with the fact that Call of Duty is growing internationally. He claims that the city-based league where 12 teams will compete in 4 countries will entertain a lot of fans all over the world.

According to the company’s CEO, they have been quite successful in developing city-based models in esports since the Overwatch League was launched. Basing on their experience, they are happy to introduce Call of Duty League, which will be able to compete even with the best leagues in traditional sports in such aspects as recognizing and rewarding their players.

Those who want to take part in the Challengers Open will start to play in online tournaments in order to be qualified for the main event.

As mentioned earlier, the German authorities have introduced a draft of the regulations in order to permit not EU citizens to live and compete in the country.

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