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Bulgaria to Ban Private Lotteries

28 January 2020, 13:49
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According to the local media, a Bulgarian lawmaker has presented a bill aimed at banning private lotteries on the territory of the state.

Bulgaria to Ban Private Lotteries

Therefore, the only possible lottery operator in the country is a government-owned monopoly.

Valeri Semenov, the National Front for Salvation Party, suggested his amendment to the gambling Act 2012, according to which only BST (Bulgarian Sports Totalizator) was allowed to organize lotteries in the country.

Nevertheless, it will still remain legal to organize keno, bingo, and raffle.

According to the potential law, the Minister of Finance together with the Minister of Sport will have to appoint the managing staff of BST.

After the bill is passed only three months will be left for private operators until their permits expire. A number of legislators supported the bill. Now the document will be passed to the Committee on Budgets and Finance. Only after that it can be voted in the National Assembly.

As mentioned earlier, the special event dedicated to the lottery sector will be held at the end of February in Dubai.

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