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Britishers Spent £1.4B on Illegal Gambling Platforms in 2019

21 December 2020, 13:23
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The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) explained the danger of illegal gambling platforms by posting the previous year’s figures. According to Michael Dugher, British people spent more than 1 billion pounds on non-regulated betting and gaming platforms during 2019. Login Casino explains how this survey will be influencing the updated British gambling legislation and related news.

Britishers Spent £1.4B on Illegal Gambling Platforms in 2019

The UK's establishment, BGC, has presented insight into the PWC's report concerning Britishers' illegal gambling behavior in the previous year. According to the collected data, about £1.4 billion have been bet on “black” platforms, and the officials are warned that this amount of money hasn’t been protected and has brought danger for punters.

PWC's report also presented other interesting figures to review. Thus, over-billion stakes came from about 200 000 unique customers. As for the searching trends, the underground betting websites were home for about 2.5% of all online visits to bookmakers, which is still 27 million visits to unregulated destinations. In terms of searching trends, 9% of the gambling-related digital search was related to illegal platforms.

How did BGC react to those figures?

The BGC’s CEO, Michael Dugher, is warned about the figures posted by PWC. He is sure that the black gambling market is a significant problem for the UK, considering the amount of money spent on unregulated platforms. According to Dugher, it means the crucial financial danger for those who use illegal websites as state officials do not influence the unregulated websites and though cannot help in controversial cases.

However, BGC's CEO also explained the flip side of the non-regulated gambling market. Thus, such platforms welcome underage punting and become the destination for those who are under 18. As the review of the gambling legislation in the UK has underage gambling as one of the primary issues, unregulated operators have to become an aim. The report data only confirm the warning.

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