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British Pubs Are Inefficient in Stopping Underage Gambling

21 October 2019, 16:04
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The Gambling Commission, a non-departmental public institution having regulatory control over the gambling industry in Great Britain, has addressed pubs across Wales and England. The organization asked them to take measures to stop minors from using Category C gaming machines after a research revealed that eighty-four per cent of pubs could not prevent underage gambling.

British Pubs Are Inefficient in Stopping Underage Gambling

According to the British regulations, only people over eighteen are allowed to use “fruit machines” in pubs. If minors intent to do this, staff is expected to stop them from playing this type of gaming machines. Besides, all the pubs must have a signage indicating the rules.

Over the past year, the Gambling Commission cooperated with local authorities and police in order to check whether pubs comply with the country’s regulations and try to protect minors from gambling.

This followed the research carried out the previous year, which revealed that eighty-eight per cent of pubs in England could not stop children from using gaming machines. Thus, the GC said that the regulations for the machines are not enforced enough and most people working in pubs are not aware of the restrictions in the industry.

As mentioned earlier, the Gambling Commission will review license conditions and codes of practice for gambling operators. This is the way the GC intends to protect people from the negative consequences of gambling addiction.

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