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Brexit Betting: PM is Left without Majority

5 September 2019, 08:31
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Less than two months are left till Brexit. However, Boris Johnson has lost his majority in the British parliament, thus things look slightly different now.

Brexit Betting: PM is Left without Majority

The betting market has been offering a wide variety of odds regarding the “no-deal” issue, possible elections in the current year, and other probable consequences of Brexit.

Concerning pre-term parliamentary elections on October 15, 2019, which the current PM is yearning for, Paddy Power provides the following betting offers:

  • 50/1 that Boris Johnson might be removed from the House of Commons;
  • 9/1 that he will stop being the leader of the Conservative Party and 14/1 that Johnson will leave the party completely;
  • 2/1 odds that the current Prime Minister will have the shortest serving period.

The main ground for this to happen is a no-confidence vote. But this might occur only in case a No Deal Brexit is not taken into consideration. Betting odds here are unlikely that it could happen at 1/100, However, there is a possibility of Labour Party’s pushing for one at the end of 2019 – the odds are 12/1.

The majority of British people are worried about the likelihood of No Deal Brexit happening this year. Concerning this issue Paddy Power offers 4/11 odds. For those who trust Johnson’s promises the odds will be 15/8.

As mentioned earlier, British betting companies faced restrictions concerning electronic sports advertising.

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