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Brand Investment in Esports Will Increase by 9.9% Worldwide

1 August 2020, 11:10
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According to WARC’s recent esports news and reports on trends, the esports market will get millions of dollars of investments in total this year.

Brand Investment in Esports Will Increase by 9.9% Worldwide

The report shows that the market will receive more financial inflow in comparison to the previous year. It is expected that it will get approximately 844 million dollars from venture capitalists who invest money in advertising. It means an increase of almost ten percent for the industry.

This year’s raise isn’t the limit

However, it isn’t the ultimate limit of growth for esports. The report predicts that the market will reach the 1 billion dollar threshold by 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic and lack of sports events gave it the boost. In addition to this, if to consider the last three years, the esports sector has experienced a fifty-percent increase.

The major part of all investments belongs to tournaments sponsorships. Other funds are spent on spots advertising that appears during events. As for the most popular platforms, the research indicates that Twitch remains the leader. It is a perfect place for ads as a new prime time for advertisers.

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