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BOS Criticized Swedish Equality Commission’s Initiatives

9 April 2021, 16:53
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The changes in the legislation proposed by the Equality Commission (Jämlikhetskommissionen) aroused indignation from the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS).

BOS Criticized Swedish Equality Commission’s Initiatives

The initiatives stated in the Equality Commission’s report mean considerable changes in the Swedish gambling law and tight restrictions, which will influence the industry significantly.

BOS says the Commission meddles in affairs

The main indignation is connected with the Equality Commission’s statement to bring several amendments to the operation of the gambling market in Sweden. It has offered to provide such products and services on a single portal, which is very similar to the situation with the monopoly on alcohol sales in the country. The Jämlikhetskommissionen also suggested spending and even timing limits for playing at online casinos.  In addition to this, the Commission insists on new rules for gambling advertising, namely their restriction.

These proposals triggered a negative reaction from the operator association. According to the BOS representatives, the Jämlikhetskommissionen hasn’t received an instruction to root about the gambling legislation. That is why it has rejected the report and emphasized that balancing between player protection and fighting against the black market is the major thing to pay attention to, but it’s not the task for the Commission’s investigations.

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