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BLAST Pro Series Presents New Season Format

16 September 2019, 15:48
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BLAST Pro Series announced the new BLAST Premier Tournament Series with a total prize fund of $ 4.25 million. During 2020, two seasons will take place and then we will witness a grand final hosted in Bahrain.

BLAST Pro Series Presents New Season Format

The players who win season finals will get $500,000 and those who triumph in a Global Final will be awarded $1,000,000. The circuit prepared by Blast Pro Series will give an opportunity for any team to qualify for both the season finals and Global Final.

According to the CEO of BLAST Pro Series Robbie Douek, people will be blown away by this tournament. He adds they have spent a lot of time developing the format that will entertain people watching this event all over the world. Douek states they will be excited to crown the BLAST Pro Series Champion in 2019. Besides, they will look forward to creating an amazing product in esports next year.

According to the Director of Product and Experience at BLAST Pro Series Nicolas Estrup, developing a new product has been one of the most interesting tasks for him since he began to work at this company. He also said they took into consideration the feedback from their show surveys.

As mentioned earlier, a world-famous network Pro Play Esports is going to launch an online tournament platform to give casual players a chance to compete for money and practice against other competitors. 

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