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Bitcoin Resistance Level: No More Obstacles

14 January 2020, 17:33
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According to the most recent information, BTC made an upswing of over five percent and broke its main hurdles - $8,250 and $8,500 against USD.

Bitcoin Resistance Level: No More Obstacles

Experts predict that that Bitcoin’s price is likely to continue rising up to $8,800 in the nearest future.

Bitcoin resistance levels

As it has already been mentioned, BTC has finally managed to break the resistance level of $8,200 against USD. The bulls pushed the BTC price above the bearish trend line where the level of resistance was approximately $8,150 on the BTC/USD hourly chart. As a result, the price jumped up above the $8,500 resistance level.

Those who monitor the upcoming Bitcoin’s support and resistance levels should know that in the nearest future these are $8,680 and $8,700. In case of successful surpassing, the next ones will be $8,800, $8,950 and $9,000.

As mentioned earlier, due to severe upcoming regulations, crypto exchanges that are currently based in Malta might leave the country.

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