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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020: the Cryptocurrency Continues to Grow

11 February 2020, 16:46
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Financial experts make a prognosis that the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin will continue its growth in 2020. Bitcoin finally crossed the border of $10 000 on Sunday (notwithstanding its sudden fall to $9 700 on Monday) and it became a start for a positive forecast.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020: the Cryptocurrency Continues to Grow

Monday was marked by a cryptocurrency selling off. Speculators who weren’t ready for a dramatic drop in the currency value decided to dispose of it. However, it wasn’t a good decision because, according to analytical prognosis, Bitcoin would strengthen its positions and its price would be growing.

On that basis, Bitcoin price prediction 2020 is positive. As the data in BTC price charts show, Bitcoin has faced a so-called “gap fill” that is a common process for the cryptocurrency market. It means the gap between the two numbers: the last price of one day and the initial price of the next day. Trading isn’t available on weekends and the future market has to reach figures of the spot market.

Bitcoin future price prediction: what to expect?

A popular crypto trader Willy Woo states that this significant growth is a real deal and Bitcoin will strengthen its position beyond doubt. The increase in investment activity supports the idea. Similarly, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, a co-founder and a partner of Morgan Creek Capital, has shared his opinion on Twitter where he has written that Bitcoin can reach the point of $100 000 in the nearest future. He has also added that the demand for this cryptocurrency will increase. However, some experts say that such a high price is controversial.

Bitcoin future price prediction is mostly positive. The cryptocurrency has a high-reliability rate in current circumstances. It attracts more and more people who want to invest money in things that are more stable and reliable than commonly-accepted assets.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin has overcome the last obstacle and has reached the point of $8,500 against USD.

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