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Bitcoin Is Gaining Its Value Influenced by the US Protests

2 June 2020, 12:18
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According to the popular news and articles about Bitcoin, its value is steadily growing because of current demonstrations in the USA. The cryptocurrency has strengthened its presence in the market within the last month.

Bitcoin Is Gaining Its Value Influenced by the US Protests

As recent data show, BTC has reached a mark of $10 000 and even moved beyond it. Now this currency is estimated at $10 429. This leapfrog was sudden as BTC increased from $9 895 to more than ten thousand dollars within thirty minutes.

What is the reason for Bitcoin's fast rise?

The price of BTC trading is mostly impacted by massive protests that are hitting the country at the current time. The situation in the USA is quite tense because people continue to stand against the inhumanity of police after the gruesome murder of George Floyd. These protests in support of black people provoked BTC growth.

Recent figures indicate that the cryptocurrency has grown by five percent. It was ranging between $8 600 and $10 000 for the last thirty-two days. It led to the uprisal of BTC market capitalization – almost one hundred eighty billion dollars.

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