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Bitcoin Crosses $30 000 Price with Spike in Interest

4 January 2021, 12:24
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According to the financial news, the cryptocurrency, which leads the list of the most much-in-demand digital assets, has hit the record again.

Bitcoin Crosses $30 000 Price with Spike in Interest

As the interest in Bitcoin spiked again, the cryptocurrency price began to grow and reached the 30000-dollar mark.

Price increase provokes controversies

The cost breakthrough has coincided with the important date for BTC – its twelfth anniversary. This day in 2021 also became a landmark for its price, which reached $34 800. It is worth mentioning that only three weeks have passed after another record – twenty thousand dollars.

This positive tendency in the BTC value increase has drawn the attention of many experts in the digital currency sector. A couple of years ago, Bitcoin already showed very similar leaps. It had impressive spikes in price and sudden epic declines as well. Experts have diverse opinions on the cryptocurrency’s future, discussing the most possible outcomes. For example, some of them predict that the BTC price will enter its plateau soon. However, others believe that the price will continue to grow as Bitcoin begins to be accepted by state regulators and legally integrated into the financial environment.

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