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Binance Gives the Gift of 50 000 USDT to Its Traders

6 June 2020, 11:20
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According to recent news about the cryptocurrency market, Binance, a virtual currency exchange and trading platform, has launched a giveaway. Traders have an opportunity to compete for 50 000 USDT.

Binance Gives the Gift of 50 000 USDT to Its Traders

The system developers decided to hold the giveaway to celebrate new options that they had added to the platform. Now Ethereum and Ripple traders also can exchange currency using its functionality. It is worth mentioning that previously Binance has been available only for Bitcoin owners.

Binance is growing and adding new options

The opportunity to trade with ETH and XRP on Binance is a great step forward for the platform. It continues to develop and extend its functionality with new cryptocurrencies. Users can carry out transactions with Ripple and Ethereum only in the mobile application. This feature isn’t available in the PC version yet.

As for the details of the competition, its rules are easy. Traders should have the trading amount of six hundred thousand XRP or six hundred ETH to compete for the gift. Those people, who haven’t registered in the Binance system, can do this in the nearest time, and also get a chance to win the prize. Participants should note that if they have more tradings than required, they can’t get several rewards. The vouchers will be valid for one week after their addition to accounts. 

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