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BGC Restricts Usage of Social Media for Betting Ads

16 February 2021, 12:22
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News about betting ads shook the football vertical in Great Britain. The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has imposed restrictions that prohibit clubs from posting certain gambling-related promos on their social media accounts.

BGC Restricts Usage of Social Media for Betting Ads

As in the majority of cases, the BGC has explained this by the intention to protect minors from seeing betting ads on the web.

Letter from gambling addicts became background for new rules

According to the regulatory body, several former players who had suffered from gambling addiction submitted a letter where they emphasized the damage from gambling advertising on social media platforms. Gamblers have written that the call to place a bet, which they see on such web resources, prompts them to continue with gambling.

The BGC has considered the letter and developed a new set of rules related to the information, which football clubs post on their social media. Starting from the beginning of March, top British football leagues, including the Scottish Premiership, will be restricted from publishing content that includes links to bookmakers as well as messages about bonuses on their social networks. Especially, it relates to posts that can reach the underage users. It is worth mentioning that the council has also addressed Facebook and Twitter with the demand to impose limitations on gambling-related content posted by football clubs to ensure that it won’t be displayed to UK citizens who are under 18.

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