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BGC Demands from the UK Government to Prolong the Job Retention Initiative

11 August 2020, 12:18
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The casino news in Great Britain isn’t positive for operators as the UK government has announced the delay in casinos reopening. This may lead to serious negative consequences for many historic casinos, as well as to unemployment for many citizens who work in the gambling industry.

BGC Demands from the UK Government to Prolong the Job Retention Initiative

That is why the BGC (Betting and Gaming Council) has addressed the country's government with the request to extend the furlough program. It has been launched during the first stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to support citizens and protect them from losing jobs.

However, the initiative expires just in several months, in October, meaning that companies will return to their usual financial contributions for their employees to the public coffers. In September, it will be twenty percent, while, in October, this percentage will be doubled.

The government must save gambling businesses

The BGC chief executive has explained why the situation is so critical. Casinos located across the country have spent much money on doing everything possible to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors after the reopening. However, they didn’t get the promised permission to open again. If the government doesn’t extend the program, it will mean hard times for land-based gambling establishments because they don’t receive any revenue. Moreover, the current situation may cause the closure of many historically significant casinos that attract players from throughout the world.

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