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BGC Confirms Online Market Increase in October

19 December 2020, 10:40
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According to the report, the online market grew in terms of revenue, and the number of players participating in the gambling activity. The most significant was the increased interest in real events betting, which grew by half. Login Casino always follows the most interesting news in the gambling finance sector and explains in detail the changes in British gambling in October.

BGC Confirms Online Market Increase in October

The British Gambling Commission (BGC) has shown the report concerning their industry, which is focused on the results during the pandemic period. Thus, the authorities have been holding the detailed statistics since March, when all the coronavirus panic began.

What are the particular numbers by sector?

Among the most notable changes is the increase in the betting sector, which is 53% in gross gambling yield (GGY) in October. The growth is tightly linked to the rise of players and the number of bets, which are 7% and 12% accordingly. However, the BGC also explains the incredible boost with operators' increased margins and return of real sporting events. Thus, licensed and registered betting operators reported about a 9% GGY increase, which was £204 million in October.

The digital gambling sector's overall trend is a bit lower, with only 29% GGY growth in month-on-month (MoM) numbers. At the same time, the tendency of the increasing number of active players is identical to the bookmaking area - 7%.

The increased desire to gamble is also seen in the casino sector, where the number of online sessions, which last more than one hour, grew by 12% in MoM. However, the similar growing pace belongs to shorter sessions too. At the same time, the increased number of both short and long sessions didn't change the average online slots gambling time, which is 21 minutes, while 1+ hour sessions number is only 8% compared to shorter ones.

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