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Betting Promotion Methods Pressured by Irish Labour Party

22 March 2021, 13:55
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The Irish Labour Party continues pushing anti-gambling requirements, being focused on the methods that should be imposed for the betting industry. Login Casino follows the latest news in betting, now explaining the Irish case and its details.

Betting Promotion Methods Pressured by Irish Labour Party

Even though the Labour Party isn't a dominant one in Ireland, it continues supporting the idea of decreasing the negative influence of gambling on the citizens. This time they focused their attention on the bookmaking sector, presenting the survey results and offering the needed measures to decrease the existing negative effects.

Survey results on the gambling industry problems in Ireland

The research carried out by the Labour Party came up with the following most interesting findings:

  • 80% confirmed the increase of gambling ads.
  • 80% supported the idea to ban gambling advertising.
  • 63% have admitted that advertising forces them to gamble.
  • 25% are involved in gambling on a monthly basis.

Focus on betting

While the results of the survey are related to the gambling industry in general, the spokespersons laid emphasis on the sportsbook sector. They are sure that the negative impact of tricky free bets promotion is the accelerator of registering and spending money on the betting platforms. The most concerns are related to underage citizens' involvement, who are rather vulnerable and tend to use the option and start gambling.

In this regard, the Labour Party suggested prohibiting the use of free bets as part of sportsbooks' advertising campaigns. The politicians also reminded that the level of gambling had increased in the state during the pandemic. Governors should make everything possible to decrease the negative impact of gambling on the Irish people's psychological health.

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