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Betting Odds Cut: The Prime Minister’s No Confidence Vote Is Likely to Happen

9 August 2019, 13:57
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The members of parliament are about to trigger a vote of no confidence to Boris Johnson, which will be his first real test on the Prime Minister’s post. No wonder bookmakers reduced their odds on this event.

Betting Odds Cut: The Prime Minister’s No Confidence Vote Is Likely to Happen

After a month of his prime ministership, Mr. Johnson has begun to face growing difficulties due to his cabinet’s No Deal Brexit position. As the number of MPs opposed to this has been growing day by day, the parties can join forces by voting for non-confidence and, therefore, blocking the no-deal Brexit. In this case, Boris Johnson will be obliged to resign, and the government will try to draft a deal regulating Britain’s relations with the European Union.

The growing resentment among the MPs has resulted in cutting odds for No Confidence vote against the Prime Minister. For example, the Paddy Power’s odds are currently 1-to-7, while the previous ones were 1-to-2. Other bookmakers are taking bets on No Deal or Deal as well. The odds for the first option are 6-to-4, and for the second one – 8-to-15 (Betfred).

However, despite the risk of probable resigning, Mr. Johnson refuses to give up his position. The Prime Minister is going to seek the support of the British citizens in order to promote the idea of a no-deal necessity.

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