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Betting Market in Wales Is under COVID-19 Pressure Again

20 October 2020, 17:05
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News about the betting market in the UK isn’t very positive, as owners of bookmaker’s offices will close doors for visitors again.

Betting Market in Wales Is under COVID-19 Pressure Again

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t regress in all places of the United Kingdom and even shows worse tendencies in several of them. That is why governments of some regions impose restrictions on “unessential” services to protect citizens from the coronavirus. It also touched upon Wales, where its authorities decided to bring back the lockdown scenario for seventeen days.

Measures are expected to have a negative impact on the gambling market

The measures will come into effect on October 23, starting not a very easy time for the bookmaking sector. It goes without saying that the closure of more than three hundred betting shops will influence it negatively. The situation will be the same as several months ago when all gambling establishments have been obliged to stop their operation.

Not only bookies but also restaurants, cafes, and other leisure establishments will take a break in providing services. The reason for this is that employees from these businesses will be able to stay home, which will help to prevent the virus outspread. However, what is effective for the UK’s healthcare system damages the gambling industry. Experts expect that these restrictions will lead to unfavorable consequences, though Wales’ First Minister promises to support businesses financially.

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