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Betting Leads Portuguese Online Gambling Sector in Q3

31 December 2020, 13:12
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The latest Q3 report of the Portuguese gaming regulator (SRIJ) informed about the sports betting sector's leading position in the overall digital gambling sphere. Thus, the wagering industry brought the most revenue and best growth rate. Login Casino follows the latest bookmaking news and presents the achievement of the Portuguese betting sector in more detail.

Betting Leads Portuguese Online Gambling Sector in Q3

The third quarter was rather positive for the Portuguese online gambling sector, which showed a good recovery pace and even Year-over-Year (YoY) progress. The driving force of the process became the betting sector, which showed impressive figures.

Thus, registered bookies have reported overall revenue of €42.5M in Q3, which is almost twice better than Q2. At the same time, the first nine months have finished with a total income of nearly €223M, which is twice better in YoY.

Sports betting was also the most interesting activity for punters that prefer digital entertainment. Almost a half (45%) of all the gamblers were focused on wagering, with only 33% playing at online casinos; the rest were combining both activities.

Other figures of Portuguese Q3 digital gambling

Online casinos became another vital gaming area in Q3. They brought €41.7M, but the result was €6M worse than in Q2. Still positive in YoY comparison, digital casinos showed the importance of live sports return in Q3 and punters' interest towards real events.

The total result of Q3 was 55.7% better in YoY comparison and overcame Q2 by 21.6%. The overall digital gambling revenue was €84.2M. Three months until September 30 became the best quarter ever in Portugal, overcoming 2020 Q1 by more than €10M. This result is directly connected with the growth of punters' numbers, both total and active ones.

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