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Better Football Match-Fixing Control, FIFA & UNODC Involved

12 December 2020, 11:31
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Two huge international bodies, FIFA and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) agreed to battle against match-fixing cases in football. They made a presentation where they explained how they would tackle the issue. Login Casino follows the latest betting news and explains how this new step can influence bookmakers.

Better Football Match-Fixing Control, FIFA & UNODC Involved

On December 9, the global anti-corruption day, FIFA and UNODC signed the deal to unite forces in the match-fixing battle. This problem evolved in parallel with the coronavirus growing influence as the lack of financial sources forced participants of almost all levels to find ways for additional financing.

The representatives of the sides understand the roots of the sports manipulation problems, so they agreed to create the platform which would be receiving and gathering the information about the suspicious cases in football. The organizations' representatives called players, coaches, referees, and other involved sides to report such issues.

To make the presentation more persuasive, FIFA involved former football players and referees that made similar calls. There were both popular men and women: Stipe Pletikosa, Ivan Cordoba, Wael Gomaa, Luke Wilkshire, Clementine Toure, Sun Wen, and Bibiana Steinhaus.

How can this step influence the betting industry?

One of the most interesting sides in resolving match-fixing problems are bookmakers. They are paying real money for winnings, and if someone bets five or six-digit sums on the team's victory in the third or fourth football division of some country - it always looks suspicious. As the popularity of such an event is rather low and the betting firm cannot balance the stakes on it, the punter's victory means huge losses.


As manipulations in sports are always doubtful due to vague and circumstantial evidence, it's hard to draw a clear line between approved cases and suspicious ones. The creation of anonymous platforms for reports by involved personalities can be an interesting step towards resolving the issue or its decline, at least.

Earlier this year, some other international organizations gathered and discussed the issue of match-fixing. Thus, Dutch officials engaged the Global Lottery Monitoring System to define the suspicious cases, while the Macolin Committee also gathered for the first time to discuss the problem. Among the recent suggestions in the sector is the creation of a single platform that will review odds lines of multiple bookies to determine drastic inconsistency.

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