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Better Betting Laws Became One Step Closer to Canadians

8 April 2021, 12:15
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The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act (SRSBA) of 2021 is called to be a modern resolution of a rather weird betting regulation in Canada. The new law passed another barrier and was supported by the country's PMs after the House of Commons made the same two months ago, which clearly showed intentions. Login Casino follows the latest betting news, explaining the latest changes in Canada.

Better Betting Laws Became One Step Closer to Canadians

The SRSBA is the most discussed gambling document in Canada, and one more step towards its approval has been made. This time, the country's PMs showed their active support. Even though the new legislation still needs Parliament's approval, the dominant support (303 to 15) shows that it is a matter of time.

Why is new betting regulation needed in Canada?

Nowadays, most of the gambling laws are regulated by provinces, and those territories aren't in tight contact with each other. The new law comes as a unified solution for the whole country, especially in the fields like advertising. While the SRSBA will regulate major points between the states, it will also open some provinces to this type of gambling where sportsbooks are prohibited.

At the same time, the new betting law is called to eliminate a weird prohibition of wages on a single event. Yes, Canadians have to bet on a few sports events simultaneously, where this form of gambling is legal, of course. This strange rule stops the development of the whole bookmaking sector and facilitates the illegal market's growth. The new law should eliminate those problems too.

Among the other essential aspects to mention is the opening of esports betting in the country. Being one of the most active computer games development participants, legalized Canadian betting sites cannot suggest cybersport odds.

Nonetheless, all the positive changes will be activated not earlier than in winter. In early 2022, Canada can become a destination for powerful sportsbooks to enter the new market after the SRSBA approval.

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