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Belgium Sets Rules for Gambling Establishments Reopening

8 June 2021, 11:08
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As Belgium’s casino news articles inform, the country’s government has announced a regime under which gambling establishments will be allowed to reopen.

Belgium Sets Rules for Gambling Establishments Reopening

In addition to this, an agreement between the Belgian police and the state regulatory body will be applied. The Gaming Commission is secured to have access to the data, which will help to restrict certain people from visiting such establishments.

What are the new rules for gambling venues?

As it has been announced, players won’t be able to gamble whenever they want. Gambling venues will have to keep to a certain schedule – from 5 pm to 11:30 pm. The rule to wear masks while using the services of land-based casinos and bookmakers will also remain in force. Moreover, only a group of not more than four clients can gamble at the establishment.

Social distancing is also obligatory, and casinos, as well as betting shops, will need to ensure that this requirement is in place. Customers should also have access to hand sanitizers, and the staff should control the disinfection process properly.

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