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Belgian Regulators Initiate Consultations on Restrictions regarding Gambling Advertisement

27 September 2019, 13:38
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The Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) has initiated the consultation regarding the advertising restrictions that came into force in June. Thus, the authorities want to get more information about the problems operators are facing now. 

Belgian Regulators Initiate Consultations on Restrictions regarding Gambling Advertisement

According to the authorities, it will help to provide a much better level of protection to players in the country. New regulations were introduced after the Belgian government had claimed online gambling ads seemed to be too ubiquitous. Therefore, showing advertisements regarding casino games on television was forbidden.

As for showing ads of sports betting, it is not prohibited but there are many restrictions the companies have to follow. For example, it is forbidden to show such adverts during sports live events. They also must not be shown 15 minutes before and after programs intended for small children or young people.

Operators have an opportunity to share their opinion until 4 October by sending their comments and offers to the Commission. The authorities will also organize the consultations on October 15. During the consultations, the operators will be able to share their observations with the commission. To visit the event, it is necessary to inform about the desire to participate by October 11.

As mentioned earlier, in the UK, the authorities forbade gambling companies to advertise their products on TV in the daytime. In their opinion, it will help to protect the most vulnerable population groups.

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