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Belgian Regulator Establishes Multidisciplinary Working Group

22 September 2020, 14:52
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Belgian gambling regulator is creating a new working group. The information about this has appeared in the latest gambling news.

Belgian Regulator Establishes Multidisciplinary Working Group

The regulator has the intention to establish a working group in the nearest future. It will consist of representatives of various verticals connected with the gambling industry, including operators, players, debt companies, etc. They will help to get information from different angles.

What is the main goal of the group?

According to the regulator, the working group will help to reduce the number of illegal gambling cases in Belgium. As it will encompass many gambling-related sectors through their representatives, it will be an efficient tool in the fight against the black market. The dialogue between the regulatory bodies and the working team participants will allow the former to set out the priorities.

This initiative came from Magali Clavie, a new president of the Gambling Commission. The first meeting of the group is scheduled for September 22. During it, all participants will have an opportunity to express their opinion on how to stand against the unlicensed gambling services. What is more important, before implementing regulations, the Commission will discuss them with the group. One of the main questions to consider in the nearest time is the way how players can differentiate between gambling products offered by licensed operators and companies that operate illegally.

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