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Bad Influence Is Reduced: Children in the UK See Less Betting Ads after the Ban

25 August 2020, 12:21
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According to the new report and Great Britain’s betting news, children in the country don’t see so many gambling ads as it has been before the ban introduced by the BGC.

Bad Influence Is Reduced: Children in the UK See Less Betting Ads after the Ban

Experts have conducted a survey during which they have revealed that the ban on betting ads during live sports events is efficient. The data received in the course of the survey has proved that the number of children who can see gambling advertising has reduced significantly.

The “whistle to whistle” ban is a success

The law came into force on August 1, 2020. So, now, in a year, is high time to sum up the results. The prohibition doesn’t allow betting ads to be shown five minutes before and after a match broadcast on TV. It has helped to cut the number of minors who see betting ads by ninety-seven percent. In general, the ban has reduced the number of ads shown during sports events available to TV viewers. The first results have been already achieved during the first 5 months after law enforcement.

The BGC has taken several measures for improvement of the current situation in the UK’s gambling industry. The council continues to work on new amendments to regulations to make sports betting advertising safer and introduce more responsible standards for sponsorships.

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