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Avigail Nir: “We See the Lack of Changes in Customer Behavior”

5 May 2020, 15:28
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According to the quarantine news about the gambling industry, the pandemic has influenced many of its sectors. However, not all online entertainment services providers notice considerable changes in user behavior.

Avigail Nir: “We See the Lack of Changes in Customer Behavior”

Avigail Nir, a COO of Mansion Casino, has said that responsible and safe gambling is of the biggest importance nowadays. Operators have to take measures to protect players from excessive gaming. At the same time, through the example of his company, the expert concludes that there isn’t any transformation in customer behavior.

“The lack of changes is a keyword. Of course, we do see some changes but they are inconsiderable. People get used to staying at home. They are active online and it includes gambling activities as well. However, we don’t see a huge increase or changes in users' conduct. A virtual casino is just a time spender for them. We notice some slight increase during specific times and take measures to limit this when it crosses a critical line. I think that we see a pure consumer behavior now,” said Nir.

The expert has noted that everything depends on providers and their ability to analyze users and find the most efficient ways how to maintain responsible gaming:

“The trust between an operator and its community is the most important thing. We have the responsibility to be reliable and provide affordability for clients. Now we are taking more segmented actions: segmenting and approaching players whom we identify through our reports. We are targeting people and contacting them more than blocking immediately. We take the approach of a dialogue instead of a suspension.”

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