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Authorities To Review The Gambling Laws In Northern Ireland

31 May 2021, 17:19
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Northern Ireland’s gambling business will face a laws’ reformation over the next few weeks. Deirdre Hargey, the current Community Minister, claims that the country’s gambling legislation was approved more than 35 years ago and needs many amendments.

Authorities To Review The Gambling Laws In Northern Ireland

What changes will the Assembly consider?

One of the proposed provisions will allow betting outlets to operate on Sundays. In addition, the authorities plan to introduce gambling contracts’ obligatory execution on the legislative level.

Another important change will focus on the child gambling addiction problem. Parents who will allow their children to play slot machines will be considered offenders. Also, gambling operators will face significant reform and will have to pay a legislative fee to the state.

According to the minister, the gambling business has significantly grown over the past 35 years. And if the country does not want to aggravate the problem of gambling, the authorities must approve new legislative solutions as soon as possible.

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