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Australian Junket Operator Suspected of Money Laundering

6 August 2019, 08:10
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In Australia, authorities have initiated an investigation concerning the local junket operator aiding Chinese crime syndicates and laundering money in Australian gambling establishments.

Australian Junket Operator Suspected of Money Laundering

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is investigating the Crown Resorts Limited gambling group’s possible illicit operations. Evidence shows that the operator has been carrying out these activities in its high-roller lounges throughout the country. The inquiry is going well even though money laundering is hard to be detected due to the participants’ anonymity, junket operations’ non-transparency, and difficulties in tracking the source of casino funds.

By this investigation, ACIC started its national campaign against money laundering in gambling establishments to detect criminal groups that violate the law and do not pay taxes into the budget. By the way, the Macau-based junket operator Suncity Group is another suspect – its VIP lounges are located inside the Melbourne casino owned by Crown Resorts Limited. Therefore, Alvin Chau (Suncity CEO) is subject to a ban on entering Australia due to this investigation.


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