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ASA Reminded Ops About Standards for Bingo Ads

25 June 2021, 10:54
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The Advertising Standards Authority of Great Britain has recently reminded bingo operators that their promotional content has to comply with gambling advertising rules.

ASA Reminded Ops About Standards for Bingo Ads

It isn’t breaking news about the advertising law for such companies. The rules have already been announced to operators, however, there are still several cases connected with irresponsible advertising.

What provisions does the advertising code include?

The main aim of the regulation is to prevent vulnerable social groups from seeing the ads, which can be harmful to them. According to the regulation, promotion materials shouldn’t urge players to gamble excessively, which can do damage to their finances or mental health. In addition to this, all ads shouldn’t be shown to minors. Operators’ advertising should also be honest and provide true information about the service provider and its products.

The ASA gave examples of several bingo companies, which couldn’t meet the requirements. One of them is Gala Bingo with its ad, which promises players to help to pay off debts. The organization has emphasized that bingo games shouldn’t be promoted as a method to solve financial problems.

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