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ASA Found Advertising Rules Breaking, Promised Further Controlling

26 August 2020, 15:16
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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of the United Kingdom defined multiple law breakings concerning offensive and wrong-targeted gambling ads. They required reviewing the advertising approaches and promised to continue controlling the advertisers.

ASA Found Advertising Rules Breaking, Promised Further Controlling

The legislation of the UK states that gambling ads in the media sources with a broad child audience should be forbidden. In order to know how advertisers cope with those rules, ASA has been monitoring children's media for the past three months. Among the observed items were the prohibited promotions of gambling, alcohol drinks, smoking, and weight loss products.

According to the latest news about gambling legislation, ASA noticed that four gambling operators broke the rules seventy times. The organisation also stated that eight websites, where the regarded offensive content had appeared, were the online resources with a massive kids audience.

What will be ASA's next steps?

As the monitoring experiment took place for the first time, they communicated with gambling ads breakers and asked for reviewing their advertising approaches. ASA has reported that media platforms for gambling promotion should be chosen more carefully and in accordance with recent legislation norms. Thus, online casinos and betting firms should avoid cooperation with websites that have a vast children audience.

To make sure that those rules won't be breaking, ASA has announced further monitoring of the situation during the next year. However, the organisation didn't provide information about the possible punishment for repeated law violations.

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