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ASA Confirms: Minors See Less Gambling Ads

23 November 2020, 15:46
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The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has confirmed good news about the betting sector in the UK, informing that its report shows a positive tendency in minors’ protection from gambling advertising.

ASA Confirms: Minors See Less Gambling Ads

The report covers the period of July-September. Its results indicate a considerable drop in the number of betting ads that have been shown to underage UK citizens.

ASA appreciates operators’ compliance with age restrictions

In comparison to the results of the Q2 survey, with seventy advertisements demonstrated to minors detected, 2020’s third quarter has shown that betting companies are ready to comply with regulations and follow the advertising restrictions. The authority has found only five cases of ads displayed to underage. Three gambling companies breached the law and didn’t take into consideration age limits.

In general, the report allows the ASA to get a clear picture of how bookmakers keep to the rules. Every quarter, it monitors fifty websites together with YouTube channels, which visitors are mainly minors. If the authority detects infringements, it contacts platform owners and warns them against further non-compliance. At the current time, the ASA has spotted 127 cases of gambling advertisements on websites that have a lot of users who are under 18.

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