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Appeal Court Rejected Litigation Concerning Two Lotteries' Merger

14 November 2020, 11:37
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The merger of two national lotteries in the Netherlands in 2015 led to the appeal by the state's Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). Although the case was regarded for almost 5 years, the final decision permitted the amalgamation. Login Casino informs its readers about the latest lottery news and describes the case in more detail.

Appeal Court Rejected Litigation Concerning Two Lotteries' Merger

The Business Board of Appeals allowed the amalgamation of two state's lotteries. In 2015, the Stichting Nationale Sporttotalisator (SNS) and the Nederlandse Staatsloterij (SENS) announced a merger but faced the appeal from ACM's side.

The governmental structure explained its litigation as the desire to save competition on the market, which lacks the variety of permitted gambling. Login Casino reminds the readers that the procedure of licensing online gaming platforms has already been launched but will be implemented only the next year. The Authority for Consumers and Markets also claimed that the merger could negatively affect customers and influence their choice, as the competitor's liquidation usually leads to adverse outcomes.

The Dutch Board of Appeals called the litigation tries 'unfortunate'

However, the Dutch Board of Appeals in the business sector didn't find enough reasons to stop the consolidation. The representatives have claimed that there are no approved reasons to consider the amalgamation as a negative process, as the Netherlands has another huge lottery body - Nationale Goede Doelen Loterij.

Comparing the recent and possible future opportunities, judges came to the conclusion that the lottery market in the Netherlands wouldn't suffer. They also didn't find enough evidence that the vertical of the influence on the clients would be critically changed. All in all, the final statement contains the word 'unfortunate,' which describes the attempt to avoid lotteries' merger.

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