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Another Three US Regions Permitted Wagering Inside Their States

5 November 2020, 17:27
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Maryland, South Dakota, and Louisiana became another three states that legalized betting activity on their territories. Most of the voters supported the idea of adding the new tax source as people would be gambling elsewhere. The next step is forming the legislative basis for the right and controlled functioning of bookmakers inside states.

Another Three US Regions Permitted Wagering Inside Their States

The inrush changes in the US gambling industry came with presidential elections that were used for other voting questions. Login Casino has already informed about the adoption of casinos in Virginia, Nebraska, and Colorado after the election day, and now another three states approved their interest in legalizing gambling. According to the latest news in betting, the citizens of Maryland, South Dakota, and Louisiana allowed wagering inside their regions.

South Dakota adds betting to already permitted gambling activity

The city of Deadwood is the place where some kind of gambling activity has already been allowed. Classic casino games like roulette, slot machines, blackjack, and poker now will be expanded with the possibility to wager. The legislation changes presume that increased taxation amounts will be redirected to the restoration of the historical part of the city.

Louisiana opens the possibility to bet on sports

The majority of the state's parishes confirmed their support of wagering activity inside their region. The representatives of the betting coalition and initiative body, Louisiana Wins, understand the decision's financial importance. According to forecasts, the state treasury can receive about $330 million in taxable revenues after launching the bookmaking net.

bet on sports

Maryland also wants to earn from bookmaking

Similar to the previous cases, the citizens of Maryland voted for allowing sports bets inside the region. The state voting ballots were almost ready not only to support betting but also to define the financial side of the issue. Senator Craig Zucker suggested taking $2.5M from every license with an annual renewal fee ten times lower. The governor also proposed collecting 20% of gross revenue tax and allowing betting in particular places like racetracks for an additional $5000 if working on behalf of the master license.

All the states now are looking forward to the changes. The next step is developing the legislative basis for licensing, taxation, and performing issues related to opening betting shops and platforms. It makes 2021 a year of great changes inside the US concerning the gambling industry spreading.

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