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Another Happy Family by National Lottery – £1 Million to Thank the Cat

14 August 2019, 14:44
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Instead of purchasing a tin of Whiskas for his pet, the 46-year-old Mansfield citizen bought the £5 lottery scratchcard to find himself the Monopoly Millionaire winner.

Another Happy Family by National Lottery – £1 Million to Thank the Cat

The UK National Lottery produces millionaires in sufficient quantity. This time the lucky ticket was found on the petrol station where Andrew Hancock intended to get some food for his hungry cat but forgot to do it.

Being rather tired after a 12-hour shift, a catering business owner decided to buy the Monopoly Millionaire scratchcard at the register. Having got back to the car, the man remembered his initial mission to feed Shortcake (pet’s name) but chose to scratch the ticket first. The moment he saw the lucky symbol Andrew realized – he became a millionaire.

Without buying any cat food, Mr. Hancock speeded to his house to please his beloved wife Paula and their son Xavier. After shouting them about the winning and its confirmation by Camelot, Andrew started celebrating with the family and Shortcake (the cat got his food afterwards).

Of course, the couple has already made plans for the prize. They are going to pay for the mortgage, visit the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, as well as build a new house. By the way, Xavier has already received a new iPhone he had been dreaming of. And the family’s hero will probably get the best care than any other cat has ever had.

As mentioned earlier, after winning at the National Lottery, the former Amazon worker will receive £10,000 every month for the next 30 years.

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