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ANJ Has Serious Intention to Improve Protection in Gambling

5 January 2021, 09:37
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The French gambling regulator, ANJ, promises to introduce changes to the current regulations to make them more focused on safe gambling.

ANJ Has Serious Intention to Improve Protection in Gambling

This news about the gambling sector in France may mean that the regulatory body is going to protect underage and vulnerable social groups from the negative effects of gambling more.

What steps will the regulator make?

In December 2020, the ANJ has published a document providing information about its goals in the gambling market. According to it, public health principles will become fundamental for the improvement of safer gambling guidelines. The regulator has already started the cooperation with the Ministry of Solidarity and Health to develop and implement a plan for the promotion of a new approach to gambling. In addition to this, it will work together with the National Union of Family Associations, which will help it to protect minors.

Currently, the number of players who can be categorized as problem gamblers has doubled since 2014 – from 200 000 to almost 400 000. Moreover, recent researches have revealed that some adult French citizens gamble with their children and don’t understand the risks. The latest poll confirmed the information that 41 percent of adults participated in gambling-related entertainment from the age of eleven.

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