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Americans Support Legalizing of Sports Betting

11 October 2019, 16:01
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According to a new poll carried out in the US, most Americans think sports betting should obtain legal status in the country.

Americans Support Legalizing of Sports Betting

Seventeen months ago, the Supreme Court allowed the states to legalize sports betting. The majority of American citizens agree with that decision. 55% of people support the idea of the state-by-state process of legalizing sports betting and 25% claim it should obtain legal status throughout the country immediately.

A similar poll was conducted in February 2017. At that time, only forty-six per cent of respondents were in favour of legalizing sports betting across the US. That number has almost doubled to 80% since. Only sixteen per cent of the respondents claimed that sports betting should not be legalized.

Among those who were surveyed, forty-four per cent believe that both college and professional sports should be covered by betting. However, thirty-five per cent of the respondents think differently. In their opinion, such practice should cover only professional sports.

The survey was carried out on both landlines and mobile phones. Its margin of error is approximately 3.8%.

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