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Ambitious Predictions about Bitcoin: Is $50 000 Its Upcoming Price?

17 June 2020, 12:41
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There are a lot of cryptocurrency news articles on the web that discuss the potential price of BTC. Opinions differ, but some industry experts are sure that Bitcoin may reach the $50 000-point in the nearest future.

Ambitious Predictions about Bitcoin: Is $50 000 Its Upcoming Price?

Many investors and financial analysts support these positive prognoses. Price assumptions vary somewhere between fifty and one hundred thousand dollars. Experts say that Bitcoin has all chances to become the new gold and compete with it as a reliable store of value.

Bitcoin uniqueness is in its timeproof value

According to investors’ opinions, BTC is a perfect depositing and investing method because it survives all economic conditions. In addition to this, although there are many other cryptocurrencies in the world, Bitcoin remains the most popular and widely used virtual cash. Its uniqueness is based on a technical aspect together with a strong position in the market, and trustworthiness.

The Winklevoss twins, famous Internet entrepreneurs, who often invest in cryptocurrencies, confirmed that BTC could be a reliable type of assets. They also insist on talking about BTC as “gold 2.0” because it can inspire more confidence in this digital product.

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