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ALSPAC Conducts Study During the First Lockdown in the UK

17 May 2021, 17:06
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Gambling is very common among British young adults and the ALSPAC has wanted to follow up on this during the first COVID-19 lockdown. So it reported the results to the UK casino news.

ALSPAC Conducts Study During the First Lockdown in the UK

This research studied the moods and behavior of the population in the first lockdown.

Gambling study highlights men as regular bettors

This research was carried out using online questionnaires, which included the frequency of gambling and whether the respondents gambled during the last three years. Questions about gambling were answered by 2 632 young adults, of these results 71% were women with an average age of 27 years old.

Although online bets were reduced during the first stages of the pandemic, men were the ones who gambled the most weekly. Fifty-seven percent of men answered that they had gambling entertainment last year. These figures are less as for those aged 16-24 – forty-five percent. As for the female part of the UK population, fifty-four percent of adult females had gambling experience past year, and thirty-three percent aren’t older than 24 years. When the first lockdown took place, from March to July 2020, during which people were forced to stay home and sports competitions were canceled, it was important to follow up on gambling players to study how this affected them. While land-based gambling venues were closed, the lottery could still be purchased in stores or bought online. In the same way, online gambling operators continued to operate without a problem.

Among all the participants, 66% of the users who were 24 years old admitted playing games of a chance last year. This same question was asked among 27-year-old adults.

These studies also show that men are more likely to participate in gambling and that younger ones who gamble are more likely to suffer from mental health problems.

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