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Almost 750 Betting Shops Reopen in Scotland

27 April 2021, 11:27
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News about the betting sector in Scotland has finally become positive as retail shops have been allowed to reopen.

Almost 750 Betting Shops Reopen in Scotland

It means that approximately 750 betting points have official permission to open their doors for visitors and continue operation.

The betting market is important for employment and taxes

As the Betting and Gaming Council reports, the bookmaking sector is of high importance for Scotland because it creates jobs for people as well as generates considerable taxes for the state coffers. According to the recent data, before the shutdown, the market was the place of employment for about four thousand country’s citizens. In addition to this, the business pays 92 million euros of taxes. The BGC chief has commented on the reopening, saying that it is a great step towards normality.

The pandemic hasn’t stepped back to the full extent, that is why bookies will need to follow certain rules and comply with a set of safety requirements. Gaming devices, for example, can’t be used by punters, and visitors will have to provide their health details. One more restriction is connected with the televising of sports events – its volume will be decreased in betting venues.

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