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Alexandre Tomic Cast Light on the Ongoing State of the Gambling Market

2 May 2020, 09:57
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The SBC Digital Summit became a gold-mine of information for companies that provide gambling solutions. Experts from various spheres have shared their vision of how the crisis caused by the pandemic will influence the market segments and what to expect from the post-COVID-19 industry.

Alexandre Tomic Cast Light on the Ongoing State of the Gambling Market

According to the gambling news and stories about personal cases of the summit speakers, the gambling industry is entering a new era now and it has several development trends. Alexandre Tomic, a co-founder of Alea, shed some light on the current changes in the gambling market.

The speaker has emphasized the fact that the industry is undoubtedly growing because people stay at home and try to find online entertainment because of the lack of their usual leisure time activities. He has also added that businesses should continue sticking to their strategies and do what they have been doing before the lockdown.

“We can do business as usual but we aren’t able to do new things. Innovations have become impossible under these conditions as they require communication. We need an office environment to develop new ideas. Innovation always means gathering together and brainstorming and we can’t do it now. The quarantine is a perfect time for exploring new things and learning a lot but it isn’t appropriate for the implementation of new scenarios. The lack of office meetings makes business heavier and heavier every day,” says Mr. Tomic.

Alexandre commented on the gaming companies’ revenue increase as well. In his opinion, unfortunately, it won’t be sustainable. If the crisis goes on, people will lose much money and need to focus more on their essential needs than on entertainment. They will surely cut the amount of money they spend on gambling. The expert thinks that companies will see a decrease in some points of income and they shouldn’t count on this temporary revenue growth in the future.

As for his company operation during the pandemic, Mr. Tomic noted that they didn’t use the virus and quarantine as a marketing tool and didn’t profit from it. Their casino services don’t offer any additional bonuses or other types of promotions as many other businesses do.

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