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Alexander Martin: “The Gambling Industry Needs to Be Prepared for Future COVID-19 Outbreaks”

19 July 2020, 10:50
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There was a lot of news about gambling and the state of the industry after the lockdown on the web. These articles, together with predictions from leading industry CEOs, can help operators to understand what to expect.

Alexander Martin: “The Gambling Industry Needs to Be Prepared for Future COVID-19 Outbreaks”

CEO of SKS365, Alexander Martin, provided his opinion at IGB Live online on how COVID-19 had impacted all sectors of the gambling market. The expert confirmed that the virus outspread and quarantine changed many usual things, and it influenced customers and their behavior as well.

Alexander Martin told the event attendees that there had been an increase in interactive games. It was caused by the fact that people lacked communication during the quarantine. In addition to this, users had more time to interact with each other. That is why such games as poker and bingo have attracted more customers. Moreover, the poker vertical saw a revival. The expert thinks that this tendency will continue developing.

iGaming saw great growth in Italy

According to Alexander, iGaming has gained popularity during the lockdown in Italy. For example, the total GGR in May was 20% up year on year due to the increased casino activity. 10% of land-based customers opened online accounts for the first time. However, sportsbooks GGR decreased by 50% in the country.

The expert has emphasized that operators should be ready for future outbreaks and improve their products. In his opinion, online gambling platforms that offer an extensive library of gaming products will obtain success. As for customer retention, traffic increase at virtual casinos may be long-lasting.

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