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AI in StarCraft II: Play Like a Human?

4 November 2019, 12:54
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The system of artificial intelligence has managed to achieve the highest rank of StarCraft II, the famous computer game, is a significant achievement for the field.

AI in StarCraft II: Play Like a Human?

AlphaStar, Deepmind’s AI system defeated almost all the registered human eSportsmen. After forty-four days of training, the system mastered the game. The process included studying the recordings of the most professional human players, after which it started playing against itself in order to test and correct the program’s weaknesses.

Since StarCraft II was launched in 2010, over thirty-one million dollars have been paid out from a huge number of its tournaments. DeepMind’s developers have created the AlphaStar AI system, the so-called agents playing as each of the game’s races: Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Having learned the strategies for top players, AlphaStar entered the “AlphaStar league”. The team of developers has limited the capabilities of the AI system, for instance, it could not move at supernatural speed.

Despite the fact that DeepMind’s developers claim StarCraft II is not a realistic war simulation and they would never participate in military work, AI experts say that these results will attract the attention of the military.

As mentioned earlier, the date of next year’s season of Call of Duty League’s beginning will be January 24, starting with the so-called “Launch Weekend”.

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