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Age Limit to Be Set by Apple for Social Casino Applications

22 August 2019, 11:29
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Apple Corporation has announced imposing 17+ age restriction for App Store casino games all over the world.

Age Limit to Be Set by Apple for Social Casino Applications

These changes came into force on August 20, which means that children will no longer be able to download social casino apps on their iPhones.

The technology giant explains such a step as a means of preventing gambling addiction among minors because using the so-called “simulated gaming apps” (such as online poker games or free slots) could lead to unfortunate consequences.

In that regard, online gambling developers will need to receive a Rating Classification Number for their products from the regulator that will be obliged to review all the apps before assigning the rating. Furthermore, in some countries this age limit can be higher due to their state gambling policy. For example, South Koreans will not be allowed to play social casinos until they are 19.

Apple has taken action to limit gambling apps operation in response to the requests of a number of countries concerned about the situation with the level of illegal gambling there.

Other steps taken by the company include shutting down gambling apps non-complying with iOS, as well as prohibiting money gaming, charitable donations, and lotteries via HTML5 games. Therefore, gambling operators have time until September 3 to comply with the new requirements.

As mentioned earlier, bookmakers in the UK are required to stop advertising their products via social networks.

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