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Advertising Scandal: SELAE Runs Ad despite Ban, Exploits COVID-19

20 November 2020, 11:58
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The Spanish state-owned lottery SELAE is at the center of a scandal, according to the news about the lottery market in the country.

Advertising Scandal: SELAE Runs Ad despite Ban, Exploits COVID-19

The media hype is connected with the lottery’s recent ad, which the company has run despite the ban on gambling advertising in Spain. In addition to this, SELAE plays upon customers’ feelings as it exploits the coronavirus pandemic in its promotion.

Spain’s ad restrictions are unfair 

It is worth mentioning that many market participants and experts criticize advertising restrictions imposed in Spain. The reason for this is that they are applied only to privately-owned gambling companies, while state operators enjoy freedom from restrictions and continue running their promotion campaigns. Such rank injustice causes a storm among local operators.

The Spanish government’s interest in the national lottery is clear: it generates sixty-five percent of the overall gambling market revenue, which gets to the state coffers. The majority of players choose SELAE and ONCE, especially when it comes to the Christmas Lottery. That is why state lottery companies invest in advertising considerably to attract even more gamblers. The latest SELAE’s campaign costs approximately €860 000. The ad videos show how lottery tickets may come in handy under the conditions of the pandemic crisis and social isolation.

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