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Active Waiting List Should Make Playing on PokerStars Better

4 October 2020, 11:19
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The global digital poker provider PokerStars announced a new game-protecting feature named Active Waiting List. It should decrease the newcomers' negative experience avoiding the battles against poker sharks and those who seek easier opponents. According to the representatives, this new feature has to increase the engagement and satisfaction of rookies.

Active Waiting List Should Make Playing on PokerStars Better

PokerStars announced a new system called Active Waiting List that will be balancing the competitive online gaming. Company representatives are sure that it will increase the platform's overall engagement, especially for the newcomers. Login Casino follows the latest poker news and gives an insight into the issue.

PokerStars noticed that some experienced players were hunting novices for an easier win. Some were using scripts to find the most appropriate tables; others were just sitting on the same tables and waiting for rookies.

In order to limit such cases, PokerStars announced the Active Waiting List innovation. It will make it impossible for the hunters to meet only new players as the tables become more balanced on the stack amounts' basis. Even though the player won't be forced to change the table, the platform will seek those with similar banks to decrease aggressive behavior. The innovation will also lead to an increase in the number of tables and reduce waiting time.

What other online poker innovations appeared recently?

In general, turning competitive poker into the digital sphere caused several problems. Thus, except for a comfortable sitting place and a cup of tea near the screen, poker players lost the ability to look at their opponents face-to-face. It facilitates the usage of tricky and cheating behavior as it is hard or impossible to determine remotely.

Thus, the "hungry shark" problem that PokerStars is coping with introducing Active Waiting List, competitors solved in other ways. For instance, some of the platforms excluded script usage, while others increased the players' anonymity and even removed table names. At the same time, the issue of Real-Time Assistance was quite radically challenged by GGPoker. The platform imposed bans and confiscation of more than 1 million dollars after the attentive look on players' behavior and showed further protection intentions.

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