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A Good Deed: The National Lottery Financially Helped Some Local Communities

28 June 2020, 12:06
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The National Lottery is much discussed in the UK lottery news now because it has made a generous gift to two more local communities.

A Good Deed: The National Lottery Financially Helped Some Local Communities

As it was revealed in recent news articles, the National Lottery Community Fund had provided considerable financial support to projects in Castlereagh and Lisburn. The organization often gives grants to various communities across the country. All money it sponsors is taken from the National Lottery’s revenue. It means that every player who buys a lottery ticket contributes to this charity.

The fund supports more than sixty projects in Northern Ireland

The last two cities have got eleven thousand pounds for the development of their programs aimed at maintaining high living standards of people who belong to their communities. For example, Lisburn will spend its money on help to people with mental problems. Aghalee village located in County Antrim has used the grant to replenish its food supplies provided to citizens who have financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In total, the National Lottery has awarded almost two million pounds to fund more than sixty projects. In such a way, the organization tries to support people across the country after the negative effects of the pandemic and lockdown.

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