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A Few EU States Announced Continuation of Lockdown

7 March 2021, 11:04
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Land-based casinos and other gambling venues like betting shops and poker halls still suffer due to the lockdowns across Europe. Among the latest updates is the continuation of restrictive measures in Italy and Denmark, while France is also close to such a pessimistic decision. The LoginCasino team keeps covering the most important casino news, presenting the latest updates in the sector.

A Few EU States Announced Continuation of Lockdown

Denmark continues lockdown

Denmark provided another adjustment to their reopening plan and decided to continue lockdown until April 5. Since December, the country has already been living with no land-based entertainment, and the government sees it as a preventive measure. Interestingly, another month under lockdown may not be the last one as the vaccination process is going slowly, while the number of infected people remains high across Denmark.

Italy "supports" Denmark

Italy faced quite the same situation. The citizens couldn't visit casinos and other brick-and-mortar gambling establishments for the last month as Guiseppe Conte initiated the quarantine measures. At the beginning of March, the idea to continue lockdown was presented by Mario Draghi, the Prime Minister of Italy. April 6 is the earliest date to reopen the venues.

France is on the edge

The governors of France are in active dialogue concerning the quarantine measures because of COVID. The country has closed only two regions in February but keeps the finger on the pulse of infection pace. The latest reports confirm that another 20 departments are under the magnifying glass and can be added to the list of lockdown zones. It will mean a serious hit on the land-based gambling sector as such venues will be closed as well.

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