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A Disease-Based Cryptocurrency CoronaCoin: Is It Amoral?

3 March 2020, 13:45
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A new cryptocurrency called CoronaCoin has recently entered the crypto world. Its price depends on how many people die or get infected with this deadly virus which claims lives in almost all countries around the world.

A Disease-Based Cryptocurrency CoronaCoin: Is It Amoral?

Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the globe with 46 countries already involved in epidemic. According to the latest data, more than 82 000 people fell ill, 2 700 patients died in China and 57 – in other countries.

CoronaCoin was developed by a small team consisting of only 7 people. Now the team is going to extend and new specialists will enter it soon. The main purpose of this digital currency is the same as others have. However, it has different factors that influence its rate: traders bet on the number of deaths and infection cases. CoronaCoin tokens are reset to zero every 48 hours depending on the virus's effects.

“Frankly, this is amoral”

The new digital coin wasn’t welcomed by people, according to the comments of some users on social media. Most of them consider it to be negative, immoral and tasteless. However, one of its developers, Sunny Kemp, keeps holding his ground and saying that the currency meets all moral standards. Moreover, 20% of its turnover is transferred to the Red Cross as a donation.

As mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency experts are sure that the world’s largest digital coin – Bitcoin – will continue its increase in 2020.

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